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Buy COVID Products in Pakistan Sep 2022. Choose from wide range of sanitizers, handwash, disinfectants, masks, gloves, PPE suits, oximeters, thermometers, dispensers, foggers and much more.

Buy COVID Products in Pakistan Sep 2022

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The COVID19 pandemic taught us many important lessons about hygiene. In the absence of soap and water, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the most powerful weapon against viruses, bacteria and germs.

To ensure quality and safety of hand sanitizers, the World Health Organization prescribed minimum standards for manufacturers to follow with respect to alcohol content, production process and product testing.

In collaboration with PCSIR Laboratories Complex Karachi, we are pleased to bring to you SANITIZER.PK, a quality-tested, premium product as per international standards.

PCSIR is a government-approved laboratory that develops and tests chemicals for commercial use.

Prepared strictly as per W.H.O guidelines, SANITIZER.PK provides the ultimate level of protection against disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

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